Let’s Talk About “The Office” and Romance


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The Office, will forever be known as one of the best comedy programs of the 21st century. Originally aired on NBC from 2005-2013, The Office has proven once again that great television programs are still alive. For those who don’t known, The Office is based off a British television program with the same name. The U.K. version (2001-2003), stars the hilarious British comic, Ricky Gervais (you either love him or hate him) and co-written by the charming comedian Stephen Merchant, who I absolutely adore!

Both series adapt the romance that occurs between a salesman and a receptionist. In the U.K they are known as Tim Canterbury and Dawn Tinsley, but in the U.S. version, you might known these characters as Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly.

Watching The Office, U.S. series, the audience immediately becomes enamored with Jim and Pam’s friendship and we so badly desire them to be romantically involve with each other. However, once I watch the U.K. version and witness the romance between Tim and Dawn, I found it to be more believable and the conclusion of their love story actually made me cry. I once thought that Jim and Pam love was stronger than any other story I’ve seen before on television, but after watch the U.K. series, I now understand the heartache and beauty caused by love.

I felt that the romance between Jim and Pam dragged on significantly before meeting its demises in the last season. We witness romance unfold on Television, Film and Books and it makes the audience hopeful in finding a loving relationship or examples of what a loving relationship should be. Since the series became popular and the network ordered more seasons, it felt as thought the writers realized they were in for the long-haul and completely destroyed every women’s fantasy of a “perfect romance” by having the couple at the verge of a divorce.

The conclusion of Tim and Dawn’s love story was so satisfying in The Office (U.K.). With the long suffering Tim finally getting the woman he so desired at the end of the series and Dawn visiting after moving to Florida with her fiancée and finally realizing that it was Tim all along. The reunion with both characters is the perfect conclusion in a story between two star crossed lovers. In terms of the U.S. version, I would have liked it if the series ended with Jim and Pam finally getting married and the reunion with having a child. Instead the writers rushed the conception of a child before the marriage the audience so longed for. By doing this, the writers took away the spark that I once felt about this relationship. Jim and Pam were no longer the “it” romance-model, aspirational, couple, they were just like every other couple.

Lastly, I want to address something that I am seeing but hopefully readers of this post could explain to me. What is so special about Pam? A flaw with jumping in the story without known why Jim liked Pam in the first place and only her, is that the audience is not being able to understand why Jim was fighting for her. I would like to know what distinguish Pam from other female characters. I know I am overthinking it, but I did not ponder this while watching the U.K version. Was this the first woman Jim met in his entire life that complimented his comedic personality? There are lots of women that have great sense of humors, but Pam never once made a joke or funny. Think about it, Pam is the only character in the series that has not never made a hilarious (laugh out loud) comment. If Pam was a character that made funny remarks, talkative, and consist of an animated personality, then I would understand what makes her unique, because there is not other person like Pam. Pam is easily a replaceable person.

What makes Jim special? He has a hilarious, unique sense of humor and style of performing it. He makes silly faces, remarks, pranks, and is lovable. He is a not boring, plain character with no charisma. If Karen (Jim’s ex-girlfriend) would have been a receptionist and not Pam, she would be the “apple of Jim’s eye.” Anyway, I rant.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Which relationship do you think is best?








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