Photo Credit: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences™

The big day for cinephiles is here. I am very anxious to see who will win best film of the year, which following the great traditions of The Oscars, it will not be announced until the very end of the program. The very end of the program being 10:30 pm for me.

For those of you who don’t know, The Oscars and The Academy Awards refer to the same event. The formal name is The Academy Awards and The Oscars refer to the award itself.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have created my own ballot and will mention some of my picks below. I really hope you are all watching and seeing if your pick wins. It is truly a celebration of films. In the past, The Oscars website had a link where one could manage a ballot online; however, this year they are doing things a little different. Large companies have incorporated the ballot in their own design. corporations and magazines such as Vanity Fair, AMC Theaters, and People magazine, just to name a few. The Oscars is live on ABC (check your local listings) and if you are unable to watch it through this platform, go to The Oscar website to watch it live from your device. There are also live updates of winners on their website as well as The Oscar Twitter Page. I am proud to announce that Mahershala Ali has won Actor in a Supporting Role so far for his breathe-taking performance in Moonlight. I will like to hear some of your picks. Let me know what has been your favorite Oscar moment so far. Stay tune for an Oscar aftermath blog post.

Some of my picks from my Oscar Ballot:

Best Motion Picture: Moonlight

Best Actor: Denzel Washington

Best Actress: Meryl Streep

Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali

Best Supporting Actress: Naomie Harris

Best Director: Barry Jenkins

Best Original Screenplay: Manchester by the Sea

Best Adapted Screenplay: Moonlight

Best Original Score: Moonlight (it’s gorgeous)

Best Documentary Feature: 13th

Lastly, I just want to say, if my picks are not chosen, I am proud of The Academy Awards this year for its inclusion of diversity and demonstrating the incredible films that were created from these brilliant minds.


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