Romantic Films Right for You!

Romance can be found in every film you have ever seen, but there are some that execute and give this genre justice. Here are some of my picks from the Romance sub genres in order to specifically find the right one for you.

Historical Romance 

Young victoria

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My pick for a Historical Romance film would be the 2009 film The Young Victoria, it stars Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria, the only legitimate heir of King William and it set in my favorite historical period and location, England in the early 1800s. The film centers on the inseparable duo; Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, as they try to overcome the obstacles of leading a country and marriage. This films captures the true and substantial love between Victoria and Albert, as Albert becomes the only person that understand Victoria and essentially agrees to follow her until the end of his life. This film is a tearjerker, so I highly recommend having tissues.

Romantic Drama


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For this category, I pick the powerful 2007 film, Atonement. Another British period film, only this one is set in the Second World War. Based on the book by Ian McEwan and staring Keira Knightly, the film reminds me of morality and how mistakes have the ability to change people’s lives forever. I first saw this film during my semester abroad in London, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It is a powerful film that will definitely resinate with you.

Chick Flick


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This film stars my teen idol, Hilary Duff and filmed during a time when Disney produced excellent movies and not Selena Gomez garbage. I think this film stands out for me as a teen chick flick,  because it is the classic love story with comedy and the appropriate use of technology. The story is a re-interpretation of a modern Cinderella story. Hillary Duff plays the timid, intelligent girl, all my friends could relate too, who finds a heartthrob that loves her for her personality without knowing her looks.

Romantic Comedy


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A classic and personal favorite, Clueless (1995) stars Alice Silverstone in one of the most quotable films right next to Mean Girls (2004). Centered on the day of the life of a shallow, preppy, rich girl, Cher, who tries to achieve some good deeds and overcome high school. Follow Cher in her ultimate quest as a matchmaker for her teachers, friends, and eventually herself. Without a solid plot, this is film will still guarantee a laugh out loud moment with every “As if,” and “Whatever.”

Romantic Thriller


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Director and Fashion Designer, Tom Ford is back from his successful drama, A Single Man, to director a romance thriller, Nocturnal Animals (2016). The plot focuses on successful, Los Angeles, art gallery owner who confronts some dark truths about her past after receiving a manuscript written by her first husband, who she has not seen in years.  This psychological film will leave you with nightmares and anxiety. This powerful film emphasizes on the tragic side of love and how overwhelming it can become.



Promotional Poster Credit: Paramount Pictures (Image Source)

If you are like me, you enjoy a good bromance film. One that gives this sub genre justice, would be the 1998 film, A Night at the Roxbury. It focuses on bromance between two brothers as they unsuccessfully try to fit into the Los Angeles night club scene. What lacks in plot makes up in humor and becomes such a quotable movie. Quotes that I still use with my friends today, such as “Emilio.” Another great 90’s film that will make you laugh out loud and add to your collection.


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