What to Watch on Netflix This March

If you are like me, you are faced with the endless options of films and shows to watch on Netflix but can’t decided on what items to watch. Have no fear Netflix subscribers, I have some items that I seen and highly recommend for this months picks. My list consist of movies, Netflix documentaries and Netflix exclusive series.

Moonrise Kingdom

One of my personal favorites and a Wes Anderson masterpiece. I am a huge Wes Anderson fan. He has a unique cinematography element which would be best described as “hipsters.” The film is a coming of age love story between two 12 years who decide to run away together in the name of love. Wes Anderson projects my type of sense of humor with heartfelt overtones. If you love romantic comedies, I recommend this one!

Amanda Knox

This Netflix exclusive documentary sheds light into the controversial story of Amanda Knox, who was accused of murdering her roommate Meredith Kutcher while abroad in Italy. I love this documentary because it all parties give their side of the story. This documentary  gives a new the whole story from first person accounts that allows the viewer to decided whether or not Amanda Knox is guilty.

House of Cards

I watched this entire series while abroad during the 2016 elections and it provided me with a new perspective on U.S politics. From start to finish, this series will leave you speechless with one man search for political power but it will leave you wondering, is it all for a good cause or personal gain? It is series with various twist and turns and it is highly addictive! A must watch!

A Single Man 

If you love stream-of-conscience dramas as I do, you will love this film. As mentioned in my previous post in the Revolutionary category,  A Single Man focuses on the day of a life of a gay college professor morning the loss of his long time lover. Written and Directed by accredited fashion designer, Tom Ford, it is a beautiful masterpiece that will connect with you on an emotional level and leave you with an existential crisis. Oscar winner Colin Firth and Julianne Moore are fantastic in this film. I highly recommend this film.

The People V. O.J Simpson 

I ditched my friends and spent the entire day watching this drama. This dramatization of the accounts during the trial of the century is addictive and surprising. The cast and the story line my be a little weak, (as it tends to focus on the Kardashians more than it needs to) it provides surprising insight and facts about the case we as a outsider were completely unaware about in regards to this case. It provides an answer to the persisting question, why did murderer, with more than enough evidence to convict him, was acquitted?

Audrie and Daisy

Another Netflix powerful documentary, this time focusing on the topic of cyber bullying and sexual assault. the documentary follows the story of two teens, one who was defeated by the bullying and other who tries to find meaning behind her experience. This documentary sheds a light on sexual assault, the new age of social media, and their communities response to a serious matter. The response and the documentary as a whole, may surprise you.

Check out this category again next month for new Netflix picks!


One thought on “What to Watch on Netflix This March

  1. Media streaming is great! I actually spend most of my nights watching Netflix with my roommate instead of completing whatever we should be doing. We mostly watch sitcoms and things that don’t need much attention so that we can “attempt” to do our homework at the same time. Still, there are moments when we actually have the time to watch content with scrutiny.
    That being said, I will have to add the Amanda Knox doc and the film to Single Man my list. You can never go wrong with stream-of-conscience works and I always love a good documentary.
    And I agree with the OJ trial recommendation. I watched it live as it aired on TV, but I really enjoyed it. Then again I love Sarah Paulson, so maybe I’m biased!
    Thanks for the recommendations!


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