Wedding Movie Favorites

Every girl wants to get married, even the punk/emo girl who thinks weddings are overrated, or the feminist that takes a stand against the wedding industrial complex. Women like Liz Lemon from 30 Rock who states, “Weddings [are] a giant industry that preys on gender stereotypes to make adult women spend a ton of money and act like selfish children. I mean have you seen Bridezillas?” Even she finally admitted that she does want a special day.

Video Source: Published by Liz09Lemon

I spent a ton of time thinking about how my wedding would be. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the wedding ideas. I would absolutely want Tony Bennett to sing at my wedding just as he did for Liz Lemon’s (Tina Fey) wedding. But a girl can only dream.

Since I, once again, have weddings on my mind, here is a (very) short list of films that fuel my desire for a wedding and makes me hopeful that someday I will find romance.

1. Made of Honor (2008)

made of honor

Promotional Poster Credit: Sony Picture (Image Source)

I am literally watching this film as I type. After traveling to Scotland, I realized that it the absolute, most beautiful location in the world. I wish to either be purposed to and/or marry in Scotland. This film is perfect if you dream of finding a Scottish Duke and become a duchess. The protagonist is played by McDreamy (Grey’s Anatomy reference) actor Patrick Dempsey as he becomes his best friend Hannah’s maid of honor.  The classic “guy-realizes-he-is-in-love-with-his-female-best-friend” film scenario. However predictable and cliche the film is, I love the aesthetics of the film and the Scottish scenery.

2. Bride Wars (2009)

bride wars

Promotional Poster Credit: 20th Century Fox (Image Source)

Two best friends, one wedding date, it’s a classy Battle Royal. When these two NYC best friends’ weddings are each accidentally schedule on the same day, they conduct some humorous, child-like tactics to see which girl will back down. I will say that the humor is not want entices me to watch this film, but the story line of a NYC theme wedding is inspiring and I can relate way too much to Kate Hudson’s character “Olivia.” Olivia is a corporate lawyer who is type A, competitive, and fierce; unfortunately characteristics I posses. The “June weddings at The Plaza” theme is one nearest and dearest to my heart and my good friend Mikaela. We are NYC crazy and dream of becoming a fashionista or an attorney in NYC. But I really hope this storyline never happens to us.

3.  Monster-in-Law (2005)


Promotional Poster Credit: New Line Cinema (Image Source)

Okay, first things first, I absolutely LOVE Jane Fonda! She is a QUEEN and an ICON. She is EVERYTHING and she is currently “killing it” with her Netflix series Grace and Frankie. What’s better than Jane Fonda? Jane Fonda as a “monster-in-law,” as she goes head-to-head with Jennifer Lopez character, “Charlie”. The chemistry between Charline and her Jane Fonda’s fictional son “Kevin,” played by handsome Michael Vartan, is one that I yearn for. However, the adorable couple’s chemistry is no match against Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez’s hilarious attraction. Similar to Bride Wars, Monster-in-law has both actresses portraying enemies and engage in petty acts of revenge but one I enjoy watching because of Jane Fonda and the warm California aesthetics.

Of course there are more wedding related films I enjoy to watch, such License to Wed (2007), American Wedding( 2003), My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), My Big Fact Greek Wedding (2002), Our Family Wedding (2010), and so many more as guilt pleasure; however, the films ai mentioned above are the three that satisfy my desire for a dream wedding.


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