Aftermath of The Oscars

What a night!

An emotional night for me as I took a screenshot of the moment. I crossed my fingers and bowed my head in hopes that someone would hear my plea. Oh, I wanted Moonlight! When I heard “La La Land” I changed the channel in anger. I rushed to my Facebook page and started ranting, little did I know, there was a mistake.

Today, I see the mistake of announcing La La Land for Best Film of Year instead of Moonlight as a sign that there is a higher power. The incident became an internet trend and all forms of media were discussing it. For those of you who are unaware of what happened just google “The Oscars” and its the first of many results, or click on the this link.

The night of The Oscars, I took to Facebook to update my status as I watched the award program. I was ecstatic to see Marhershala Ali be the FIRST muslim to win an Oscar for his breathtaking performance in Moonlight. As the night progressed, I felt that The Oscars were compromised by La La Land. La La Land took award after award, even in categories that I felt other films exceeded at. Once I changed the channel in anger for their award for Best Film of the Year, I noticed that my family members also watching, wrote something in lines of “not another Steve Harvey moment.” At that instance, I channel the channel to find the cast and crew of Moonlight on stage saying “we are your choice.”In my mind, I wondered if the audience begun to protest the result and demanded Moonlight to be the winner. Nevertheless, I managed to find the moment of the switch online, as viewers published low quality versions of the moment on YouTube. Once I saw what happened, I felt great relief and felt on top of the world. Moonlight winning Best Film of Year essentially broke the glass ceiling for African-American and other minority filmmakers. It made it possible for an academy accused of being “racist”to give credit where credit is due. It was 12 in morning and I wanted to scream with joy, but my parents are asleep in the next room. Instead screaming, I cried, I cried tears of joy, feeling a million years of neglect being lifted off my shoulders. I felt for the first time as a minority that we won one.

I watched The Oscars after show in which the winners are interviewed. At the moment of the incident, the announcer claims that he received the wrong card and that it stated “Emma Stone, La La Land;” however, I learned during the interview of Emma Stone that she had this card with her the whole and that in no moment did the announcer received his card. I found this to be incredibly suspicious.  My theory, the announcer was not happy with the winner and decided to name the film he wanted instead. We can see the man hesitate before announcing the winner.Once he was caught, he made up this story that he had the wrong card. Regardless, I am so proud of the results that I changed my profile picture to the film’s poster with the title “Academy Award Winner: Best Picture.”


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