Best Movie Dishes and Recipes

Feature Image Source: Leite’s Culinaria

Have ever watch a film that displays a dish and you find yourself drooling over the television screen? I do. All at the time. I may be a cinephile, but I also a massive foodie! I recently discovered a “Youtube-r” that creates some iconic dishes as seen on film and I couldn’t control my excitement. Thanks to Andrew Rea and his series: “Binging with Babish,” I am finally able to share the recipe of each dish without having to create it myself; which is good news for everyone because I can’t cook. So Skip the T.V Dinners (do people still eat those?) and check out some of my favorite dishes as seen on my favorite films.

Lets start with a cliche dishes from one of the most popular Disney/Pixar films: Ratatouille from Ratatouille (2007)


I initially saw this film thinking Ratatouille was the name of the rodent character, completely unaware of french cuisine. Ten years later and I have yet to prepare the dish (out of fear I would ruin it), however, I have tasted the dish and it just tastes like roasted tomatoes and peppers. I was imagining a flavor explosion of some kind, instead I was greeted with a bland taste. If you want to try and impress your significant other with plating skills, I recommend this recipe, although it may seem a bit complicated.

Julia Child Beef Bourguignon from Julie and Julia (2009)


I consider this to be my favorite dish of all time. In a way, this dish describes me as a simple girl with a hearty personality. I find any dish made from a dutch oven absolutely delicious. I previous tried to make this stew, but fail miserably; I guess because I used applewood smoked bacon and it gave the dish a different taste. I have yet to try Julia Child’s recipe and am very curious to taste it. If you grave something simple and scrumptious, try Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon. In the film, this dish launched the publication of Child’s cookbook. If I tried this dish, I would have published her cookbook too.

World’s Greatest Sandwich from Spanglish (2004)


One of the greatest bilingual films of all time, it demonstrates the plight of migrant women as she tries to acclimate into American society and prevent her daughter from being absorb by it. During the course of the film, she works for a Michelin star chef that creates the “world’s greatest sandwich,” which is a simple BLT with cheese and an egg, but it looks absolutely appetizing in the film. Although it is not the only dish created by the chef, it is the most simple and desirable meal to make.

Prison Sauce from Goodfellas (1990)


My favorite Martin Scorsese film of all time, Goodfellas focuses on Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta and his association to a mob in New York. This film feature various meals through out the film, but the one that is most prominent is sauce created in prison. Henry and other mobsters are briefly in jail where they enjoy a privilege lifestyle compare to the other inmates. They are able to gather together at a dinner table and prepare their own meals. The scene breaks down everyone’s role in preparing dinner, from cooking the meat to slicing the garlic really thin in order to dissolve in the pan. In the end, we have one character yell at another to not put too many onions in the sauce. A simple recipe that every cinephile drools over.

I recommend trying Andrew Rea’s take on each dish and experiencing it yourself.

What’s your favorite movie dish?


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